August 2019TVAA Gallery Juried Art Exhibition for August 2019 – “Hot Child In the City; August Abstracted”

CURATOR: Deborah Hartigan Viestenz

Exhibit Open to the Public: August 5th – 30st; During Gallery business hours
Reception: Saturday, August 10th from 4-6pm

Show Description: “Hot Child In the City; August Abstracted”
Embrace the summer heat and show us your abstract offspring. Reflect on your feelings, frame of mind and emotions during the hottest month of the year. No boundaries are set, nothing is right or wrong; this is the artists’ exhibit-express yourself. With one caveat… a brief statement must accompany each submission and will be displayed with the accepted art…the only boundary for this is that it must be a minimum of one word and cannot exceed one paragraph.

ABOUT THE CURATOR: Always fascinated with the often overlooked beauty of nature, and encouraged by her grandmother, an accomplished painter, Deborah Hartigan Viestenz began her studies in oil painting at the age of ten. Given her admiration of minerals, stones, landmass and the sea, these elements became the subject matter of her work.

After attending Boston College, Deborah Hartigan Viestenz, received her BFA from Hartford Art School at The University of Hartford where she spent her time focusing on large scale outdoor sculptures along with painting and design. Much is revealed about Deborah Hartigan Viestenz through her artwork. Known for her large scale multi-media abstract paintings seeking to translate nature into feelings, Deborah is presently based in Dallas, TX and Mashpee, MA and has resided in New York, London and Paris.

Her art is exhibited/available at several galleries in Dallas, or on her website (http://www.dhvartworks.com). As you explore her works, share in the spirit of her imagination, generosity, and genuine love of life.

Artist Statement: “We see these every day. Birds, grass, trees, lakes, oceans, stone. We are touched by these every day. Water on our hands and bodies. Sunlight warming our skin. Rocks and grass beneath our feet. Darkness making us seek light. We hear these every day. Birds speaking to each other. Wind rustling the leaves. The cacophony of storms and thunder. My goal is to express the emotional feelings of wonder and admiration of these natural
elements, events and occurrences—to have the viewer experience a different way of seeing.“Feeling Abstract: Creating abstracts that challenge conventional form to textures that one can feel with the eyes. Feeling abstract is about inviting the viewer to experience the energy of artwork that stretches the senses beyond vision.

If you have further question you may contact the Gallery Director at gallery@tvaa.org

TVAA Gallery Art Exhibition for September 2019
With the golden Pegasus as its centerpiece, TVAA presents Precious Metals – an exhibition celebrating the magic created when metallic paint meets canvas. Embrace the flow of metallic paints. Challenge the eye with the light-refractive beauty of glitter and leaf. Let your art shine!  This show is open to all mediums of work, all sizes, and any subject.

Exhibit Open to the Public:    During Gallery business hours; Tuesday-Sat
Reception:                               Saturday, September 14th from 4-6pm,

CURATOR: JuJu Bartush

If you have further question you may contact the Gallery Director at gallery@tvaa.org

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