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TVAA Membership Party 2015

TVAA Membership Party
September 12th, 2015
12:00 – 2:00 PM

Member artwork will be on display.
Refreshments will be served.
Bring a guest.

The Atrium of The Plaza of the Americas
TVAA Gallery, Suite G-207
700 N Pearl, Dallas, Texas 75201

Out of the Past (Nov)

Out of the Past
Entry deadline: October 20
Exhibition: November 2-30
Reception: November 15, 2-4 pm

What “stays with you” from the past, what has influenced your thinking, your formation as a person or as an artist? Subjects may include historical events or social movements such as Civil Rights, The Feminist Movement, Environmental Causes, etc. Perhaps past events or figures – historical, social, musical, literary, or “pop” have helped you create your own world view, values, or vision.

Curator, Mary Ann Turner

Prospectus PDF | Word

Be Original (Oct)

Entry deadline September 21
Exhibit October 1-30
Reception October 4, 2:00

Let inspiration fuel your imagination. Tell us the same story but in a different way. All entries with a new point of view and originality are welcome, including photography and digital art.

Prospectus: PDF | Word

Curator, Diana Moya

Nonobjective 2015 (Sept)

Nonobjective, 2015
September 1 – 30
Reception September 26, 2 pm – 4 pm

Our September show offers abstract artists the opportunity to create abstract art in it’s purest form. No representation of a person, place, or thing from the natural world; just brush strokes, color, scale, size, shape, process! Imagine the possibilities! This show will be during the Fall 2015 DADA Gallery Walk.

Artists may submit up to three entries (jpgs at 72 dpi and no longer than 1000 pixels on longest side) by August 20, 2015.

Curator: Jenny Keller
Prospectus: PDF | Word

For the Birds Gallery

For the Birds (Aug)

For the Birds
August 3 – 31, 2015

Birds exist everywhere, and while adored by some, they are feared or totally ignored by others. Birds have been used as symbols for love (love birds), peace (dove), freedom (bald eagle), and rebirth (the mythical phoenix). Poems and songs have been written about them, and each state claims one as it’s state bird.

For this show, artists are invited to submit work that depicts birds in any medium.
Entry deadline: July 20
Exhibit: August 3 – 31
Reception: August 9, 2 pm – 4 pm
Curator: Jan Partin
Email: jparti01@sbcglobal.net

Prospectus Word | PDF

The M Exhibition (July)

The M Exhibition
Exhibit: July 2-30, 2015
Reception: July 12, 2-4 pm

Artists experiment and develop their magic in their own particular ways. In this exhibition, Diana Moya, Tania Botelho, Tyler Lyons, Luis Moya and Aliester Moffitt share some of the results with the audience.

Don’t miss the magical experience!

Blue 2015 Gallery

Blue, 2015 (June)

Exhibit June 1-30, 2015
Reception Sunday, June 7, 2-4

Our inspiration for the June show just came to us right out of the blue – literally. This month we’re turning the gallery every shade of blue. We’ll show artwork depicting sky, sea, ice and snow… hydrangea and hyacinth… lapis and turquoise… yes, even your grandmother’s blue willow dishes. Anything and everything blue qualifies, even if it’s only metaphorically blue. We won’t leave out that melancholy feeling or that uniquely American music either.

Curator: Shari Hornish
Download prospectus DOC | PDF

Texas Jewish Art Association 2015 Annual Member Showcase (May)

Texas Jewish Art Association
2015 Annual Member Showcase
May 3-28, 2015
Reception May 3, 3-5 pm
TVAA Gallery


TVAA Gallery
Plaza of the Americas
700 N Pearl St, ste G207
Dallas, tx 75201
Hours: M-F 10-4