2017 Still Life Exhibition (MARCH)

March 1 – 31, 2017 Reception Sunday, March 12, 2-4 pm Although the French refer to still life as “nature morte” meaning “dead life,” the art form generally means a collection of still objects that had been alive, such as fruit, cut flowers or dead animals, thus “still life.” Over the centuries this genre has evolved to include most any collection of inanimate objects, whether or not portrayed realistically.  It is common for artists to learn still life drawing or … Continue reading

2017 A Winter’s Tale Prospectus (FEB)

A Winter’s Tale Exhibition February 1 – 28, 2017 Reception Sunday, February 05, 2-4 pm For A Winter’s Tale, artists are invited to submit work in any medium that reflects any aspect of winter: cold, snow, ice, bare trees, a warm fire in the fireplace, the desolate beauty of a winter landscape, animals or people in a winter scene, iceskating on a frozen lake, people celebrating winter holidays, etc. All media is welcome. Curator: Jan Partin jparti01@sbcglobal.net Prospectus: Word | PDF

2017 New Members Exhibition (JAN)

New Members Exhibition January 9 – 31, 2017 Reception January 22, 2-4 pm Each year TVAA recognizes new members of the organization with their own exhibition. The TVAA Downtown Gallery invites all artists who have joined TVAA during 2015 to show their work in the 2017 New Members Exhibition. There is no theme for this show, and all media is welcome. Curator: Jan Partin jparti01@sbcglobal.net Prospectus: Word | PDF

Clay – A Tribute to Toby Wallace (Oct)

October 3 – 31, 2016 Reception October 23, 2-4 pm The late Toby Wallace was an integral part of the team at the TVAA Downtown Gallery, and at the time of his unexpected death, was the interim President of the Texas Visual Arts Association. Toby was a clay artist who continually strove to create new designs and new glazes for the pots he created, His work has been and continues to be one of our best selling items at the … Continue reading

Frida Kahlo – Without Boundaries (Nov)

Frida Kahlo – Without Boundaries November 1 – 30, 2016 Reception November 6, 2-4 pm Frida Kahlo has been a popular cult figure and artist for a variety of reasons: As an artist, Kahlo overcame much physical suffering as a young woman, and later, while struggling to find her way as an artist in a male-dominated culture, both personally and artistically. Research into her life reveals her strong interest in politics, art, animals, her rejection of society’s values, and her … Continue reading

A World Full of People (Sept)

A World Full of People September 1 – 30, 2016 Reception: September 24, 2-4 pm Our landscape is full of people of all types, traits and traditions. Imagine them as individuals or groups, and tell their story. Perhaps a portrait is called for, or a photograph of a crowd. Maybe your subject is active or completely immobile. People are the focus of this show, and it is your vision we want to experience! Curator: Jenny Keller jennykeller1@sbcglobal.net Prospectus: PDF | … Continue reading

Call of the Wild (Aug)

Call of the Wild Exhibition: August 1 – 31, 2016 Reception: August 21, 2-4 pm Call of the Wild, for this show, pertains to wildlife and nature. Wild – characteristic of, appropriate to, or expressive of wilderness and/or wildlife. Artists are invited to submit work in any medium that depicts the wildness of the natural world and/or it’s inhabitants. Curator: Jan Partin 469-231-6347 jparti01@sbcglobal.net Prospectus: PDF | Word TVAA Downtown Gallery Plaza of the Americas, Suite G-207 700 N Pearl … Continue reading

Open Show (July)

Open Show Exhibition: July 1 – 29, 2016 Reception: July 10, 2-4 pm July is full of summer fun, whether you like fireworks and circuses or swimming in serene lakes on a sweet summer’s day! Travel America or tour the world. Perhaps you are feeling a bit abstract in the hot weather; it matters not. Show us your ideas in your own unique style! Curator: Jenny Keller 214-727-8148 jennykeller1@sbcglobal.net Prospectus: PDF | Word TVAA Downtown Gallery Plaza of the Americas, … Continue reading

A Day in June (June)

A Day In June Exhibit: June 1-30 Reception: June 5, 2 to 4 “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.” Technically, a day in June is not that rare. They do account for about 1/12 of all the days we live. But the metaphorical day in June, that is rare. It’s that special day we hope to enjoy once in a great while. Our June show will celebrate these rare days, … Continue reading

May Flowers (May)

May Flowers May 1-31 Reception May 15, 2 to 4 Whether you are a gardener or not, most people enjoy flowers. As an artist, it can sometimes be a challenge to render them in the way you want. Even if you do not like flowers, they can inspire great works. Whatever medium or style, achieving the forms, values, lines, spatial relationships and any other elements you apply to your usual work can be used in floral inspired compositions of grand … Continue reading