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Americana, Primitive, & Outsider Art (Aug)

Americana, Primitive, & Outsider Art
August 1 – 30, 2013
Reception August 4, 2-4 pm

Americana art: images that reflect the charm and nostalgia of America’s past.

Primitive art: art that is characterized by a childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique, most often associated with the cultures of indigenous people.

Outsider art: works of extreme individuality by creators who are typically untrained artists. “Art Brut” – art “uncooked” by culture. An art at its most pure, most powerful, and most meaningful – an art produced entirely for individual satisfaction and inner need with no regard to exhibition, fame, or monetary reward.

For this show, you are invited to submit your own interpretation of one of more of these genres. All media accepted. Maximum size for 2 dimensional work – 48 inches on any side.

Please submit up to three entries (jpgs at 72 dpi and no longer than 1000 pixels on longest side) to Curator Duke Horn by July 26th.
Download prospectus.

Curator: Duke Horn
Phone: 214-500-7652