Humanity (July)

Exhibit: July 1-30
Reception: July 13
Curator: Jan Partin

Humanity – the human race; the condition of being human; the totality of the experience of existing as a human being; the human condition.  As humans we may exhibit good or evil, create magnificence or horror, experience euphoric heights or deep despair, rise to the greatest challenge or sink to the depths of defeat, love or hate, embody genius or madness.  Most often, our makeup is varying combinations of all the traits that make us human.  For this exhibit, artists are invited to submit work depicting any or all of the various aspects of the human condition.

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TVAA Downtown Gallery
Plaza of the Americas
700 N. Pearl Street, Suite G207
Dallas, Texas  75201
(972) 951-7879

Gallery located on the lobby concourse above the skating rink, Suite G207
Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm

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