Signature members

To become a Signature Member is an honor worthy of the time and dedication involved in reaching that goal. Upon obtaining Signature status, works of the members are included in exclusive Signature Member Exhibitions, and those members are entitled the use of the letters “TVAA” after their name to signify their achievement.

To qualify, an artist must be an active member and be chosen to show in five juried TVAA exhibitions. Each show, regardless of the number of entries per show, counts as one credit. This does not include curated gallery shows or exhibitions.

Signature status may take several years to accomplish. Certificates of Accomplishment are presented every year at the Citation Exhibition held in the Fall.

Area artists who have achieved Signature Status in TVAA

Karin Michele Anderson
Ann Adams
Judy Barrett
Flo Barry
Mary Beans
Betsy Bass
Julianne Biehl
Penelope Bisbee
David Blow
Martha Box
Homer Brannon
David Kellum Brown
Fanny Brito
Mozelle Brown
Sue Cobb
Alan Cobb
Alice L Campbell
Artyce Colen
Charlotte Cornett
Sheila Cunningham
Kathleen Delio Strito
Betty Dickens
Diane J. Dickey
Giza Elwazir
Marilyn Eitzen Jones
Amanda Farris
Ikira Kay Goodrum
Ruth Plotner Hamilton
Lorraine Hayes
Nicole Henderson
David Hickman
Candy Howard
Danny Hurley
Kay Kelly
Sonia King
Pat Kochan
Pierre A. Lessard
Edwina Lynn
JeanE C. McIntosh
Jackie MacClleland
Cheryl McClure
Jean McComas
Brenda McKinney
Hazel Morris
Liz Netherland
Ann Pearle
Stan Petrosius
Virginia Petrosius
Aliene Pylant
Celine Raphael-Leygues
Mary Dougherty Ratliff
Marie Renfro
Elizabeth Romeo
Peg Rosenlund
Elisabeth Schalij-Olsen
Joann Schiebout
Jane Cornish Smith
Jeanne Strudevant
Jane Stephenson
Madeleine Terry
Silvia Thornton
Marie Van Arsdale
Jill Vanderkolk
John Voelker
Sherri Wood

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