Manga to Anime (June)

Manga to Anime (June)
Exhibit, June 1 – 29
Reception, June 3

Manga is the Japanese form of comics/cartoons which covers a broad spectrum of genres from sports,
science fiction and fantasy, horror, romance, sexuality and others. It is read by every age group
in Japan.

Manga covers issues from life. It has influenced comics and art all over the world. Many manga comics are illustrated in a dynamic use of lines for motion to give the characters the feeling of speed, exaggerated text used to emphasize emotion, and large eyes to give more expression. All to make the printed page more animated or anime.

This is an open show. Entry (per piece) is $5 for members of TVAA, $10 for non-members. Interested artists may join TVAA at take-in. Entry deadline is May 13.

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