Candy Howard

Candy Howard
Honorary Life Member  -  1991

In 1991 Candy Howard became an Honorary Life Member of TVAA for the work she had done for the organization through the years.  She joined the Texas Visual Arts Association when it was still the Dallas Chapter of the Texas Fine Arts Association in the mid-70s.  She volunteered to type up a prospectus for an exhibition.  Then she volunteered to help chair an exhibition.  She worked to computerize the membership list and a mailing list for labels.  Working as chairman or co-chairman of exhibitions, she helped to improve the whole process of implementing a professional exhibition.  She started helping to write, print and publish the newsletter.  When she became president in 1986, she built an Advisory Board to involve more of the art community in the plans of the organization. She helped create the “Brush Strokes” newsletter with a new format and pertinent information and interest to members, and advertising to help cover printing costs. She has served as president, vice president of fund raising, show chairman or assistant for most exhibitions produced on an annual basis.  She has trained and advised board members for the last 30 years. Candy moved to Mississippi in 2005 to be closer to her family.  She had been fund raising for TVAA for several years and continues to do so.

Ms. Howard claims Ann Cushing Gantz as mentor and personal friend.  Her oil paintings include stunning still-lifes  that reflect technical virtuosity and energy.  With her animal series of Africa and North America, she creates works that allow the viewer to find and define sensuous forms in abstract space.  Called “a feast for the eyes,” her works contain strong composition with a sensitive use of color, movement and design, reflecting harmonious control of subject and medium.   Reflecting her background and early years in New Orleans, her street scenes and collages of the French Quarter have a real sense of place and time, a palpable ambience and emotional passion.  She has also created a series of works on European scenes, reflecting her travels abroad in the ‘90s.

Since returning to her home and family, Candy is working on a new series of oil paintings depicting the places and things about New Orleans that make it such a unique city.

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